Recycling & Waste Management

Highlighting innovative waste management practices, recycling initiatives, and circular economy concepts to minimise waste production and promote resource conservation.

Clean & Renewable Energy

Exploring ways to accelerate the integration of renewable energy sources in cities, including solar, wind, and geothermal energy, to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.

Water Treatment & Conservation

Explore cutting-edge solutions for water treatment, conservation, and management, addressing one of the most critical challenges faced by cities globally.

Sustainable Mobility & EV

Strategies to develop cleaner and more efficient transportation systems, such as promoting EV’s, improving public transportation networks, and encouraging the use of alternative fuels.

Green Building

Dubai ranks 3rd in global cities, with the highest number of green-certified buildings - creating a plethora of prospects for domestic and international companies in terms of providing sustainable solutions.

City Urbanisation

Implementation of urban regeneration, sustainable urban planning, community engagement, PPP’s, the integration of technology and nature in urban landscapes and its beautification.
Thrive, Talk and Transform the Middle East’s Sustainable Vision through your Expertise

Unifying the Entire Sustainable City Management Spectrum: Smart Infrastructure, Clean Energy, e-mobility, Recycling & Waste Management, and City Beautification - All in One Place !

Global Clean Cities Expo is the most influential gathering of leading exhibitors and stakeholders from various industries dedicated to transforming cities into clean, sustainable and future-ready urban spaces.
Attendees can expect an unparalleled networking experience, providing the perfect platform to connect with industry experts, influential investors, and forward-thinking entrepreneurs. The show will feature enlightening solutions, interactive panel discussions, and educational presentations from renowned keynote speakers, guaranteeing an immersive learning experience.
Moreover, this event presents an outstanding opportunity for businesses to explore innovative solutions and forge strategic partnerships. Exhibitors will have the chance to showcase their groundbreaking products and services to a captive audience, resulting in increased brand visibility, lucrative leads, and potential collaborations.

Global Clean Cities Expo 2024

Leading the Charge Towards Green Urbanism : Discover Global Clean Cities Expo 2024 Dubai

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The event aims to address key challenges faced by urban areas, such as Waste Management, Energy Consumption, Transportation, Urban Planning, and City Beautification by showcasing innovative solutions across the entire value chain and facilitating knowledge sharing among participants.

  • Clean Energy Providers
  • Solar Energy Systems
  • Wind Energy Solution Providers
  • Biogas Solutions
  • Intelligent Buildings
  • Eco-friendly Transportation
  • Air Management Solutions & System
  • Sustainable Mobility & EV
  • Water Conservation and Treatment
  • Waste Management Solutions
  • Logistics, Transportation & Storage
  • Recycling Systems & Solutions
  • City Cleaning Machines & Equipment
  • Green Building and Construction
  • Smart Infrastructure
  • Urban Planning & Designing
  • Green Finance and Investment
  • Landscaping & Architecture Firms
  • City Beautification

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