Why Exhibit

Why Exhibit at
GCCE 2024?

  • The UAE's innovative trade show on sustainable, cleanliness and green energy - for a better future.
  • Strongly supporting the UAE Vision 2030 and paving way for global companies to expand their business in the region.

  • Massive footfall of 1500+ targeted attendees from 20+ countries.
  • Ideal platform to showcase your technologies and solutions to industry relevant people.
  • Meet, network and collaborate with global industry experts of your interests.
  • Powerpacked exhibition along with a close door intriguing conference to boost the industry knowledge and establishing your brand authority.


Event dedicated to transforming cities into sustainable, clean, and future-ready urban spaces.
Explore the latest innovations and cutting-edge solutions from exhibitors representing the following industries:

Clean Energy and Renewable Energy

Discover groundbreaking technologies and projects that harness clean and renewable energy sources to power cities sustainably.

Innovative Waste Management and Recycling

Witness innovative approaches to waste management and recycling that minimize waste, promote a circular economy, and reduce environmental impact.

Waste-to-Energy Conversion

Explore solutions that convert waste into valuable energy, contributing to the sustainable management of urban waste.

Circular Economy

Learn about circular economy strategies and initiatives that promote the reuse, recycling, and repurposing of resources to create a sustainable and efficient urban ecosystem.

Futuristic City Solutions

Immerse yourself in the realm of futuristic city solutions, including advanced technologies, urban planning models, and smart infrastructure that revolutionize urban living.

Urban Development

Engage with exhibitors shaping the future of urban development through sustainable and inclusive strategies, ensuring cities are livable and well-planned for the next generations.

Sustainable Architecture and Design

Discover architectural marvels and design concepts that fuse functionality, aesthetic appeal, and sustainability, creating environmentally conscious and energy-efficient structures.

Clean City Solutions

Experience innovative technologies and practices aimed at creating clean and pollution-free urban environments, contributing to citizens' well-being and quality of life.

Water Treatment and Conservation

Explore cutting-edge solutions for water treatment, conservation, and management, addressing one of the most critical challenges faced by cities globally.

E-Mobility Solutions and EV Charging Infrastructure

Delve into the world of electric mobility solutions, including electric vehicles (EVs) and the infrastructure required to foster their adoption and enable sustainable transportation.

Smart Infrastructure and Intelligent Buildings

Witness the integration of advanced technologies, IoT, and artificial intelligence into urban infrastructure and buildings to optimize energy use, enhance efficiency, and improve the overall urban experience.

Cleaning Technologies

Engage with exhibitors showcasing innovative cleaning technologies that help maintain sustainable and clean urban environments, ensuring the well-being of city dwellers.

Net-Zero Buildings

Discover groundbreaking concepts and technologies that aim to create net-zero buildings, minimizing their carbon footprint and maximizing energy efficiency.

City Beautification and Urban Layout

Explore exhibits focused on enhancing city aesthetics, urban design, and layout, making cities vibrant, attractive, and conducive to a high quality of life.